Page not eligible for Google rich results and not indexed in the google scholar

we use OJS and none of article landing pages are eligible for Google Rich Results Tests.
As we understand there is no possibility to add the JSON code, right?
Additionally, the articles are not indexed in the google scholar, however all meta tags are generated automatically and we cannot change it (although the html shows all recommended by google scholar tags).
Is there any tools to make the pages eligible for rich results and to facilitate the crawling by google scholar?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ana_N,

You might find some useful information in our Google Scholar Indexing guide.

We don’t currently have any structured data. Which one of Google’s structured data formats did you feel was appropriate for OJS articles?

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Finally we got indexed in Google Scholar today.
However the rich result test shows that the pages are not eligible, hence if we could add structured data for articles - non AMP it could help.


Disclaimer: I worked at Google for 13 years, but not on scholar. Google Scholar uses the same crawl, but has a different indexing pipeline and a different user interface. I recently had correspondence with someone from Google Scholar who recommended we use their own <meta> tags, which presumably OJS produces. The “rich snippets” are produced by the main line google search engine, and you are very unlikely to have any effect on these. They are mostly intended for a non-scholar audience, and scholarly work is seldom of broad enough interest to qualify. The one place where we have had luck with rich snippets is in events, where if you encode data the right way, it can show up with a rich snippet in google search. In my opinion you should ignore rich snippets.

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Hi @kmccurley
Thank you for this clarification.

Thanks @kmccurley! Yes, OJS does output the meta tags that Google Scholar expects.

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