Page display problems while surfing on the journal site


I m having some page display problems (only sometimes) when I surf on the journal pages, but when I refresh the page the problem turns to normal view. However, it started to bother. For example, in the following picture the side bar covers the whole page.

On top of that, in the following picture,right side bar is at the top and at the left side of the page.

Any idea about how to fix this problem ? Is the a CSS problem or database problem ?

Our journal web page is :


A good tool for debugging this would be your browser’s Inspect Element tool.

You can examine the CSS to determine if the problem lies in the rendering:

It is also possible that your browser may be missing or blocking certain parts of the page load. The Network tab will help identify if that is the case:

Hello Graham,

Thanks for your answer. I have tried to debug via my browser’s inspect element tool. what I realized is under console tab, there are some errors saying " failed to load resources" and giving some file names. Of course when I refresh the page everything returns back to normal but I would like to so solve the problem. Any idea about how can I solve it ?

I loaded your journal page, and everything looked ok.

It seems unlikely that is an OJS problem, and more likely that the issue is occurring at the server or network or user level.

The next steps for debugging are to identify if this happens only with specific browsers, specific internet connections, etc. Can you reproduce it on a mobile device? Can a colleague in another location reproduce the problem?

If you can capture the exact error messages with the “failed to load resources” warnings (you’ll find the HTTP response codes in the “Network” tab), you’ll have much more information to go on. See this list for the kinds of response codes you might find:

Actually it is not a consistent error it happens only sometimes and I know that it is not internet specific nor location based problem. Apparently when it happens I observe one or more errors under network tab but each time with different css files. Like in the following pictures rightSidebar.css failed but sometimes I see that common.css fails.

My knowledge is limited to come up with a solution. Could you please propose one to solve this problem ?

Hi @zaratushtra,

Those .css files are fetched directly from the web server, not via OJS’s PHP code, so I’d say the problem lies in your Internet connection or your web server. Unfortunately that’s all I can say, as the rest will depend on the details of those two aspects.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thank you @asmecher ,

In order to cope with this problem,if I want to leverage browser cashing for some files that create the problem, how should I modify OJS files ? Namely, how can I find .htaccess file (or equivalent ) ?


Hi @zaratushtra,

I’m afraid this looks like a web server issue, not an application issue – there’s nothing you can do in OJS to change this behavior, it’s further down in the stack.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team