Page contents don't show up!

Please check:
I have some static pages and information filled in all the pages. However, none of the content shows up unless a user is logged in.
How does one sort this out?

Current version:

OS platform Linux
PHP version 7.2.25
Apache version Apache
Database driver mysqli
Database server version 5.7.28-log

Any help will be appreciated.
Warm regards
vasuki belavadi

Hi @vasukibelavadi,

Have you checked the Users&Roles - Site Access Options? Maybe there is a problem.

Regards, Primo┼ż

Under Users & Roles > Site Access Options look for the following settings and uncheck to remove the restriction.
Additional Site and Article Access Restrictions

  • Users must be registered and log in to view the journal site.
  • Users must be registered and log in to view open access content.

Thanks a ton! It worked like a charm!
Warm regards
vasuki belavadi