Page access through URL

Good afternoon.

I created a new page for my conference in the style of the index pages of the conference. I saved like all other in .tpl format templates / schedConf / teste.tpl but can not access it at the URL, how do I access this page?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Murillo_Roseno,

Template files should not be directly accessed. The template files are used by controllers (see MVC pattern), which implement operations that serve the pages. So if you want to create a new page, you should change more than just template files.

If you want to just style your conference page, you can upload one css file into the conference setup pages to customize the UI. If what you want to do needs more than css, than you have two options:

1 - change the system core files;
2 - write a plugin to hook into the system and do what you need;

The first approach is more straight forward, but it’s harder to maintain. The second one will be harder to implement, but much easier when you upgrade your system. In any case some PHP knowledge is required.


Hi Bruno, what I’m trying to do is create a path in the URL for a new model like the index. The following example comparing. The first image is of how the index, the second is a new model that I created, and I want to make a path that links him to the conference.


I am not sure what you want. You want to create a new page, which means a different URL for accessing it? Or you just want to replace the default index page by your new one? Or none? :smile: