Our 2nd journal does not allow new users to register

We have been using OJS for our single journal TESL-EJ.org. We are using OJS Recently, the editor of a pending special issue asked for the contributions to the special issue to be allowed to use our system. The editorial staff, however, is separate and there is no way that I know to visibly tag them as “Special Issue submissions”, so I decided to create a separate “journal” for it. The problem is that users cannot register for it.

For our main journal, there is this URL: https://teslej-sub.org/ejojs2/index.php/ejojs2/user/register.
“Ejosj2” appears twice because the server directory is named “ejojs2”. For the new journal the link should be: https://teslej-sub.org/ejojs2/index.php/ej-spcl/user/register and that is how the links appear on the “Login” page when you mouse over them. However, clicking on them takes the user to:
rather than the registration page.

You are welcome to click on the link above to observe that happens.

I cannot find any where that has a “redirect” directive to the login page. How can we fix this issue?