Other language appearing in english language email Paypal template


We noticed what looks like a Ukrainian email template in our English language journals (v A similar issue was reported and resolved a few years ago here: OJS 2.4.8-1 Ukrainian Text in an Instance with Languages set to en and de

It’s the paypal_investigate_payment email template that appears to be affected. We’re assuming it’s a small cleanup bug left over from translation work?


Hi @Sonya_Betz,

What does the Prepared Emails area look like for that template? Are your actual working languages filled in with a subject and body for that email?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

It looks like it’s also appearing in the PKP testdrive journal - if that helps with troubleshooting! OJS3 Testdrive Journal

Aside from it showing up in the “Email Templates” list, I can’t find it anywhere else. There is no English version of this template visible.

It’s not appearing in any of the “predefined messages” that appear when creating a notification.

The journals we are seeing it in do not have Ukrainian loaded as a locale and also do not have the paypal plugin enabled.

It’s a little tricky to check on whether it’s getting sent, as the message seems to be a warning from Paypal of unusual activity in a Paypal account, related to changes to the primary contact name for that account?

Similary email is showing up in our “workflow settings > email templates” as well. Please find below he screenshot. We are publisihng in English only and have never installed any other language.
Screenshot 2020-09-22 12.17.20

I have a lot of different languages represented too:

Niels Erik

Can anyone tell me if it is due to a local error in our setup or if it is a general error
Niels Erik

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We have noticed the same issue in our test server running 3.3.0-5. It is not there in our live environment running The enabled languages for the whole site are Swedish (Primary Locale), English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Danish.

Alla journals in our site get this issue, even ones where English is the only. Example:

What could possibly cause this?