Original file names for "Download All Files"

Hi there,

I like the “Download All Files” feature for submissions, but in order for it to be more useful, I’d like to give me the original file names in the downloaded zipped folder (we publish the examples on a separate site, and it is much easier to identify them with the original author-provided names). I know that the original file names are stored in the database. What code can I alter to have the original file names assigned to the downloaded files? I’m NOT afraid to dig into the code and change things.


I also considered changing it so that the uploaded files were NOT renamed in the first place, but I thought this might break too many things. Really need those original filenames - sometimes we have 50+ examples for a single article.


Never mind. Figured it out myself! Just had to alter some code in /lib/pkp/classes/file/FileArchive.inc.php and

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