Ordering published papers by page number

Is there a way to automatically order a series of papers in an issue by the allocated page numbers? The only way I can see to do this is manually, using the ‘order’ function, but at this point there is only the full paper title as a reference which is not that helpful.

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There are similar requests but no solution yet. I hope this feature will come in next versions.

Yes, displaying page numbers on the Issue Management form is possible. One needs to patch

controllers/grid/toc/TocGridCellProvider.inc.php , starting on line 37

# CHIMIA CHANGE 2021/12/19/mb display page number
                switch ($columnId) {
                        case 'title':
                                return array('label' => $element->getLocalizedTitle());
                        case 'pages';
                                return array('label' => $element->getPages());
                        case 'access':
                                return array('selected' => $element->getCurrentPublication()->getData('accessStatus')==ARTICLE_ACCESS_OPEN);
                        default: assert(false);

and controllers/grid/toc/TocGridHandler.inc.php, add a new block after line 76

                # CHIMIA CHANGE 2021/12/19/mb Display page number
                // Article pages
                        new GridColumn(
                # END CHIMIA CHANGE

It’s not perfect because one can’t control column width, but it works.


Be aware that for a multi-journal installation this change affects all journals. Also, in the era of e-journals, there are many journals that don’t have page numbers anymore.

A good solution would be to have configurable columns for issue management.