Order of published issues OJS

Hello, We are entering archive of issues and we have approx 180 issues. I see that some are out order and when I click on Order and set them properly by dragging on their positions after Completing process of ordering and clicking on Done they are OK, but some changed their place and I am chasing them each time.
Please advise what I have to do in order to put issues in proper order so they can be on proper place.



Yes, it seems that there are some problems with the ordering of issues. I did not try to solve these, but wrote a small script that changed the date_published value in the issues table to correspond the year/number given to the issue. For example no 1 from 1971 got a time stamp like 1971-01-01 etc. You can also change that date by editing the already added issue.

After the publication dates in the database correspond the the actual publication dates, I simply erased everything from the custom_issue_orders table using the correct context id.

Hi @vvucic and @ajnyga

Yes, it seems to be a bug, s. issue ordering · Issue #2343 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub, the patch is coming…


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@vvucic, would it be possible for you to test this change/patch: pkp/pkp-lib#2343 fix issue ordering by bozana · Pull Request #1302 · pkp/ojs · GitHub – if it solves the issue ordering problem?


Yes, it seems to me that it works :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot @vvucic. I will then merge it…

It work for me too ++

It works for me too!!!

It didn’t for me. My issues keep reordering back to previous state. I applied the patch, but it didn’t work.

Hi @RGatica

Now, the re-ordering of the issues works in the backend, but apparently it is not considered in the frontend/display, s. this GitHub Issue: Unable to Order back issues · Issue #3705 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. This seems to be a new bug, so please track that issue for a solution/patch.


Thank you, bozana. I will do it. :+1:

Currently, I’m using ojs 3.0.2, the thing is the ordering used to work well, so i don’t know what could be happening now. This ordering bug keeps appearing time to time between versions.

I’m planning to upgrade my platform to the last available hopping that the issue won’t happen, but i am unsure if this bug will pop up again. Also, i am a bit confused with how OJS manage dates and how i can improve my platform in that area to minimize this bug to happen. Any tips?

Hi @RGatica

Hmm… Then I am a little bit confuse – this new error was not in the 3.0.2 – it was introduced later. For 3.0.2 the fix should work.

So, can you re-order your issues in the backend?


No, i can’t. If i move any issue and press the save button, seconds later the change is reverted… We have tried changing the published date to reflect the order we want, but it just don’t work… and we don’t want reupload all the issues because there is many of them (15 at least).

I was reading in the forum that, somehow, altering the database id could, probably, alter the order in how the issues are displayed in the webpage.

What i know for sure is that this bug didn’t happen before in our 3.0.2 patform, we had run this version for almost a year now without problem, and the sugested patch didn’t work. Maybe i can provide you some files that you may need to find out whats going on?

Hmmm… Could you tell me how your DB table custom_issue_orders look like?
And you are 100% sure that you removed this code line as in this patch: pkp/pkp-lib#2343 fix issue ordering by bozana · Pull Request #1302 · pkp/ojs · GitHub ?


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ok… i feel stupid now… I dind’t remove that line, i though i did. It all works now… i’m so happy. Jesus we were preparing all our backups for the upgrade. I guess this will have our user happy for now :smiley:

Thanks bozana, if weren’t for you i would not realize my mistake.

Have a good day!