ORCID tool does not work

Dear all,
the ORCiD function does not work for users in our OJS version.
It always says that the tool does not work due to “server problems”. What can we do?

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Could you share more information? What part has the “server problem”? Are you able to send users to ORCID to authenticate their ORCID iD? Does the user get sent back to OJS’s user profile / registration form?

The problem is that users cannot enter their ID. If user try to connect to ORCiD using the button, the new window opens and it says that it cannot connect to the server. Also a manual typing of the ID does not work.
Thank you for your help!

Do you have some php error log available to share with us? Do you use server in hosting company or in your institution, can you check its logs and control mechanisms that prevent connection?

@kopi: Are you seeing the error specifically on the ORCID site? If it’s a problem with the link, you can contact us here https://orcid.org/help/contact-us and we can help investigate to see if there is an issue of missing API credentials, etc. : )

I am sorry, I do not have an error log or something similar.
It is just not possible to enter anything into the field “ORCID”. I can put the cursor there but writing is not possible.
I did contact the ORCID support but did not receive any response.


Thanks for providing the screenshots, @kopi!

The issue here is that you have not created an API client for your journal and added it to your OJS data. Do you see how the OJS system sends you to this URL to Connect the ORCID iD with the URL ORCID… This URL does not have the client ID listed (it starts with APP-xxx). Once you add the API client information, there will be a client ID displayed, and the link will look something like: ORCID

You will need to create ORCID API credentials for this. We’re happy to help walk you through this (contact us here), and you can read our documentation on getting started with the ORCID API.

[edit] There is also this video tutorial that demonstrates where to add your own ORCID API client details in the OJS admin settings.

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