ORCID Redirect Error

I am working with IUPUI on their ORCID plugin for OJS. They are currently using the ORCID public API. Their OJS instance and plugin appear to be up-to-date, and they have registered their base URL as the redirect URI. The plugin settings are configured correctly. However, they are still getting a redirect error. According to the new ORCID plugin documentation, the redirect they are using should work. I just need to know what redirect URI they need to use so they don’t get the error. Here are the details:

ORCID Plugin version:
OJS version:
Redirect URI registered with ORCID client credentials: https://journals.iupui.edu

Redirect URI listed in the Authorization URL: redirect_uri=https:%2F%2Fjournals.iupui.edu%2Findex.php%2Fadvancesinsocialwork%2Forcidapi%2ForcidAuthorize%3FtargetOp%3Dregister

Error message when trying to authenticate ORCID: Error: The provided redirect URI https://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/advancesinsocialwork/orcidapi/orcidAuthorize?targetOp=register does not match the redirect URIs registered by IUPUI Open Access Journals.

Hi @srabun
in your case , there seems to be a mismatch of the redirect urls in orcid.org.
Please verify the domain names with Orcid.org
Beforehand I would check also the client-id and credentials for correctness.

Hi @Dulip_Withanage - thank you. We checked the redirect URIs and there was one that was listed as HTTP when it should have been HTTPS. The ORCID connection is now working on the “register” page, but not during the co-author email process. Currently the redirect URIs are:

When we tested the ORCID connection via the email that gets sent to co-author, we get this error, which displays HTTP, not HTTPS:Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 4.22.00 PM
Does OJS use HTTPS for some content and HTTP for others? Should we list both
https://journals.iupui.edu/ and http://journals.iupui.edu/ ?

Generally everything should come from one protocol, either http or https, which is defined in config.inc.php
Can you check your ojs only uses https in config.inc.php in ojs sourece folder?