ORCID-Plugin: ORCID button does not show at registration page

Dear community,

we run an OJS-installation (v. with an up do date ORCID-Plugin (v1.1.3.4). Although the plugin is enabled, globally configured in config.inc.php, and client ID and client secret are valid, there is not ORCID-Button at the registration page of the journal - see https://region.wu.ac.at/ojs/index.php/region/user/register.

Apart from that, the plugin seems to work: users can connect to their ORCID-account via Edit profile → Public.

Have you any clue or hint why the ORCID button does not show at the registration page?

Thanks for your help, kind regards,


In the source code on your registration page, it looks like the plugin is successfully adding the orcidProfile stylesheet:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://region.wu.ac.at/ojs/plugins/generic/orcidProfile/css/orcidProfile.css?v=" type="text/css" />
so, the handleTemplateDisplay() callback is working:

The code next looks to see if the current template is named “frontend/pages/userRegister.tpl”, and if so, it registers an outputFilter:

Possible ways to go wrong at this point could be a theme which uses a different name for the registration page, or some other plugin with removes the output filter, or some other plugin which overrides the TemplateManager entirely. What themes and plugins are you using? Does the problem resolve if you change the theme or disable other plugins?

If the output filter is successfully being called, it checks to see if there is a journal in context (there is, in your case), and then it modifies the form based on a regular expression which your current page source seems to match:

Hi Clinton,
thank you very much for your detailed answer - it helped us a lot, as one of your assumptions was correct: a self-developed plugin was to blame. We disabled it and now the ORCID-Button on the registration page shows up again.
Best regards,

Dear Clinton,
thank you for your help identifying the source of the problem. I am the author of the “self-developed plugin” ha Michael mentioned. The code is on Gihub a “gunthermaier/specialIssueTOC”. I tried to correct my code, but cannot find any potential problem.Would you mind taking a look? Your help will be highly appreciated