ORCID plugin configuration

I would like help configuring the Orcid plugin. I am trying to enable ORCID plugin. I fill the details correctly, but when I click on the ok button, it does not save the setting and its shows the loading circle rotates always. And when I try to simulate a registration, the sandbox shows " Error: Incorrect OAuth Link, missing client id parameter.
You have reached this page due to an error with the application’s integration. Please report this error using the “help” button below or contact the organization requesting your ORCID iD."

I’ve changed the mod_security as @ctgraham suggested.

Could you give me some help?

Hi @releaseeditorial,

I’ve moved your post into a new thread. The other one was older, so it might be best to have a new post on this topic. Can you please let us know what version of the ORCID plugin and OJS you are using (in the future please include this in your posts)?

Best regards,

PKP Team

Thanks @rcgillis,

OJS version is the OJS 3.3.0-7, and the ORCID version is

I’ve enabled the public API, and received a CLIENT ID and a CLIENT SECRET to configure the plugin as in the attached image.

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Hello @releaseeditorial … do you have access to the server error log files? Maybe there is an error logged there at the moment you press the save button that could lead to solve the problem.

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Hi @hilongo , thanks for the feedback.

There is no error log. The function does not terminate, perhaps for this reason it does not log an error…


Solved! As suggested by @ctgraham, I disabled mode-security on the Server and the plugin is already working.

Thank you all.


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