ORCID ID problem

I have updated the ORCID plugin to version a few days ago, and since it have presenting an error in the link sent to author to register the ORCID in the official site.

Plugin says all is ok with configuration:

But the link sent to author always presents an error:

I think the problem is that the link is redirecting to sandbox insted of the official site, but I don’t know.
Any help would be apreciated.

Hi @Hugo_Melo ,

Please verify the doc if you have changed the URL to the production one: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/orcid/en/

Regards, Primož

I haven’t made any changes, both in the OJS or the plugin. The only thing i did was updating ORCID plugin to the last version.

Hi @Hugo_Melo,

The new ORCID plugin version should fix the problem we had with ORCID’s change and redirect of the API URL, but we forgot that the API URL is also saved in the DB table plugin_settings, so that the change needs to be considered there as well. S. "ORCID authorization link has already been used or is invalid" issue · Issue #281 · pkp/orcidProfile · GitHub.
We will address this as well and will release a new plugin version…

Sorry for the confusion…

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