ORCID Icon Missing for 1st Author

OJS version
ORCID plugin version: Dated: 21.3.219

If only one author has a verfied ORCID profile in an article, It displays ORCID icon+ORCID url along with it.
see example here: Social Media, External Prestige and Students’ Attitude towards Postgraduate Enrollment | SEISENSE Journal of Management

If more than two authors have verfied ORCID profile in an article, It does not display ORCID icon with ORCID url for the first author. For the rest of the autors it shows ORCID icon + ORCID url.
see example here: Industry-Level Disparities in Antitrust Enforcement | SEISENSE Journal of Management

Thanks and look forward for the resolution.

Hope you can answer my query. If this is unique to me or there is a bug in ORCID plugin?
Thanks in advance

Hi @seisense,

this is a bug in the version that is distributed with the plugin gallery for OJS 3.1.2.
I already fixed this in our own version and I will open a pull request on GitHub.

After reviewing @asmecher could put the new version in the plugin gallery.

In the meantime you could download the plugin code from our repository and let me know if this fixes the problem:

Regards and greetings from Heidelberg,

Nils Weiher

Thanks @nweiher for the update and reply. After installing the plugin from your repository. I noticed that ORCID icon gone missing for all the authors. Screenshot attached!

Dear @nweiher
I hope the message was not misunderstood. The problem is still there. ORCID plugin is not fetching the ORCID icon on the article display page (see picture in my previous post).
Looking forward a resolution.

Problem solved by using the solution suggested in another post


Hi @seisense,

the change proposed in the other thread only restores the old functionality of displaying the ORCID icon for every author, regardless if it the Id has been authenticated through the plugin.

I’m sorry for not responding faster, I pushed a change with a new commit (Fixed error in javascript for dynamic orcidicon display, depending on… · UB-Heidelberg/orcidProfile@62555e2 · GitHub) to the same repository.

They should fix the error of displaying “[object Object]” instead of the icon. The error was caused by tranforming the SVG icon into a jquery Object and then appending the ORCID url to it which transformed the JavaScript Object to a string.

Sorry again, please update the plugin with the changes. The fix with uncommenting the line would be a conflict with the ORCID Id display guidelines.


Nils Weiher


Many thanks, @nweiher - today I faced exactly the same problem (OJS, orcidProfile plugin! Both authors are authenticated, but there is only one green ORCID. I corrected the code and everything became in order. Hopefully the developers will include this in the new version of the plugin.

Hi @nweiher:

We migrated our OJS to the latest version that included changes to the orcid plugin. We find two issues. The first issue was that’ historic loaded orcid’ (and unauthenticated) were no longer seen, which is why I uncomment the line that again showed the orcid icon to the authors who had it loaded. The second issue was that in articles where there were more than two authors and they were authenticated, it did not show the orcid of the first, the solution is that you mentioned in your previous post.

Finally we implemented a comparison to preserve the historic loaded orcid:

$articleData = $templateMgr->getTemplateVars('article');
if($articleData->_data['issueId'] < 138){
	$templateMgr->assign('orcidIcon', $this->getIcon());
} // end_if


Hi @madileweb,

yes the newest changes to the plugin are not yet part of the official repository and also not yet in the plugin gallery. I was busy with other work, so I can only look at the plugin from time to time.

A pull request (Additional fixes and text changes for the about page Stable 3 1 2 by isgrim · Pull Request #77 · pkp/orcidProfile · GitHub) has been opened, but I did not yet come around to implement the changes @asmecher requested. I also have to rebase the changes on to the current stable version.

So watch this thread or the pull request for updates.

Today I updated orcidProfile plugin to orcidProfile plugin (we use OJS And found that the problem has not gone away! We still have one green icon, only for the last author.

Thus I again applied this solution:

205     //$script = 'var orcidIconSvg = $('. json_encode($this->getIcon()) .');';
206     $script = 'var orcidIconSvg = '. json_encode($this->getIcon()) .';';

Dear @Dulip_Withanage, why is this error still persisting in the latest plugin release? :frowning:

Hi @rkhalikov

Thanks a lot !

I have added it to the plugin. Will be included in the orcidProfile next release.

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I want to confirm that this problem has been successfully resolved. Today I upgraded plugin to version 1.1.1-4 and everything works fine in it. Thanks!

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