ORCID button linking to Sandbox?

We are currently on OJS

It seems on our register page the ORCID link is going to a Sandbox site. I checked the plugin but could not find anything I could change. See screenshot:


Hi @NadineWubbeling,

Check the settings for the ORCID Profile Plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I checked the settings. It was on Public. I just checked public again to make sure. I get this pop-up now:


Is this corrected then? Actually not sure what it should look like or what it should be doing?

Kind Regards

You have to register for ORCID public API:
https://support.orcid.org/knowledgebase/articles/343182 and get a client ID and secret from them.

Did any of you solve the problem with ORCID and PUBLIC API? What is the way to do that how authors can verify their ORCID. Now they received " Warning! sandbox.orcid.org is a test website. orcid.org is the official website. Sandbox only sends email messages to mailinator.com email addresses, see Sandbox FAQ for more information"

Does this mean we should create an ORCID profile for the journal? That seems weird but what I understood from the documentation is that this is required.

Bruh, just create a profile for the journal webmaster or administrator and generate the public API. Documentations change overtime. It’s just in the nature of technology.