ORCID Authorization Error

Hi everyone
When I try to publish an article and press on “Schedule for Publication” button this message appeared.

“The following requirements must be met before this can be published.
Unauthenticated ORCIDs for contributors detected.”

I click on the contributors part and click the check box in ORCID Authorization part for sending authorization link to the author…
“ORCID Authorization
Send e-mail to request ORCID authorization from contributor”

when author wants to verify the authorization link this error appears on orcid site:

"Error: The provided client id is invalid.
You have reached this page due to an error with the application’s integration. Please report this error to the organization that is requesting your ORCID iD.
invalid_client / Client not found:
can anyone help me?

Hi @monirehbastami,

Can you please indicate which version of the ORCID plugin and which specfic version of OJS you are using (e.g. 3.3.0-13)?

Thank you,

PKP Team

thanks for your attention
v 3.4.0-1

And which version of the ORCID plugin (you can check this in the plugin gallery)?

PKP Team