ORCID API Settings - Redirect URL - Question


I am trying to integrate ORCID ID into my OJS Site’s signup workflow.
To sign up for the Public API, I need to provide one or more ‘Redirect URLs’.
I tried to use: ‘http://journalsite.tld/journal/user/profile’ as the redirect URL, but the plugin throws up the following error:

Redirect URI doesn’t match your registered redirect URIs.

Could somebody please help with the correct Redirect URL for ORCID ID Public API?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @laxmin

Did you registered a redirect_uri in https://orcid.org/developer-tools page?
I was reading ORCID documentation and they ask to provide it in this page.
If so, could you verify if is exactly same URL? Sometimes spaces or typos may happen.



As Israel said + the redirect URL is the same as your website URL i.e. probably only http://journalsite.tld

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Dear colleagues, thank you very much, your information about the same URL address of my website was helpfull. Thank you again.