Orcid and base_url


in config.inc.php I have a line like

base_url[ojs3] = //myjournal.com/ojs3

I did this to avoid mixed-content.
Now I want to use the Orcid-Plugin.
Orcid tells me “Redirect URI doesn’t match your registered redirect URIs”, because it wants the “https:” before the two slashes.
Obviously I can alter the line in the config file, or add the string “https:” in the template, but shouldn’t it work with the two forward slashes alone, without doing anything?


Hi @habib

It is a question related mostly with ORCID API than OJS. Double slash,as you know, it is a Protocol relative to be used by browsers. Indeed your main concern is already a suggestion in ORCID forum:


I think, for now, solution is declare protocol precisely.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team