OPS3.3.0.8 : Only PDF stat views are not aggregated for specific preprint data

Dear all,

We are OPS3.3.0.8 users, but we have encountered a mysterious phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that only the PDF view is not aggregated for specific preprint data.
No matter how many times I try to download it, it remains “0” count no matter how many days.
Of course, the download chart is also not displayed.

The abstract views are counted correctly for the data, and about the other preprint data the PDF views are counted correctly.

The file of “./files/usageStats/archive/usage_events_yyyyMMdd.log” contains Download logs of the data.
In addition, there are also records of the data in the database table (“metrics”).

What else should I check?
Thank you for your advice.

Minoru Tanabe.

Dear PKP OPS support team,

Subsequent investigations revealed why the download count and download charts were not displayed.
If there is only one uploaded file, it will be displayed without any problem if “genre_id” in the submission_files table of the posted file is 1, but it will not be displayed if “genre_id” is other than 1.
If there are multiple uploaded files and even one of them has “genre_id” of 1, the number of downloads will be displayed.
Is this an OPS standard specification? Or is it a latent bug in OPS?

MInoru Tanabe.