OpenAire plugin improvement OJS 2.4.8


we have to add some new features to OpenAire plugin, specifically we would implement :

  • add new specific OpenAire metadata like title and funder;
  • retrieve metadata through HTTP API and therefore fill edit form.

There already is a plugin’s extension that provide this chenges?
Whether it is not, we want to implement this features and release to community.



I am working on integrating CrossRed Funder Registry database to OJS, but I am doing that for OJS3. It will enable you to save the funder name, id and grant id’s and will suggest funder names from the CrossRef database with their REST API Funder Registry - Crossref It should be ready hopefully later this month.

However, I did make a quick concept plugin for OJS2 a year ago that uses REST to suggest input for metadata fields. GitHub - ajnyga/jsonKeywords: Plugin for Open Journal Systems. Activates autocompletion in keywords metadata fields and uses an ajax call for the source.

That is for a different database ( a Finnish one) and is connected to the Subject field, but it is very easy to change it to whatever REST API you use, for example CrossRef, and change the form field it uses.


thanks for the reply.

We have to improve the OpenAire compliance so we need to add that specific metadata.
However your project is very interesting and we would like to be involved, there are other references, discussions or code repository?

This is very useful thanks a lot