Open peer review in OJS



Hi all,

There has been some discussions on the forum whether OJS could have a feature for open peer review, meaning that the whole scientific community would do the reviewing - not just invited reviewers.

Here is a concrete suggestion on how to do it:

What do you think?


Hi @ajnyga,

We have been watching various open review experiments for a while, but have not committed to a concrete implementation yet because it would be useful only to a very limited portion of our community, at least for now. We have considered experimenting e.g. with Do you have a concrete use case?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team



Although this was more a wednesday morning comic relief (sorry), I have given some consideration in implementing open reviews. I do not have a concrete user case coming from a journal, but some people involved in the Finnish Open Science project have been interested to hear whether OJS could be used for open reviews. Of course it does support one form of open peer review already.

What I have been thinking about is that maybe OJS could provide a basic functionality for open reviews which could then be extended using plugins (to use for example Other thing that should be considered is the identity of the reviewers (I do not think that anyone wants totally anonymous users reviewing papers), so probably Orcid should be involved somehow.

If there are some plans to work on this (maybe in spring sprint?) I would be happy to participate.


Hi @ajnyga,

Ha! Serves me right – I didn’t even click on your link. We’ll definitely experiment with this sometime, but that kind of experiment definitely benefits from working directly with a journal that’s invested in using it. I think it would be a great sprint experiment.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


A question,
Is this feature available in an OSF version of 2018?

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Boris L. Almonacid