Open PDF instead of downloading

When I click on PDF file on current Issue page, web browser wants to download file instead of open it.

I found function downloadByPath in with $inline argument. When I set $inline= true, file is opened in browser, as it should. But this is not right place for doing that.

I need help finding where this function is called for Article page, so I can change $inline parameter.

Did you enable the PDF.JS PDF Viewer Plugin for your journal?

Thanks, that could be solution, but I prefer to open pdf file in default browser pdf viewer, if it is possible?

Hi @Dragoljub_Djordjevic,

There are hooks there, e.g. FileManager::downloadFile, thus, you can make a plugin that hooks into downloadByPath and changes $inline parameter to true under certain conditions, e.g. if $mediaType == "application/pdf". But I don’t know to what other consequences it can lead.