ONIX Export Error "This press is missing some required information"

We are using OMP, though due to upgrade soon.

When attempting to export XML metadata from the Onix 3.0 Monograph Export Plugin, all attempts to open the plugin result in the error “This press is missing some required information. Please go to Settings > Workflow > Production and fill in the missing details.” Settings > Workflow > Production, however, does not exist:


There are some settings on the Workflow > Submission landing page for determining metadata authors are prompted to supply during submissions, but changing these has no effect on the Onix plugin.

Can anyone tell us where to adjust settings to enable use of the Onix plugin?

Hi Race,

There are four fields that need to be filled out in order for that message to go away. They are found on the Masthead tab in Settings → Press, in the second area, under Publisher Identity.

I suspect that the locale key with the error message may need an update in order to point to the correct spot, as some of those fields have been moved around over the years.


Ah, thank you! Now I see them.