One article not accesible



I have rather old OJS (considering upgrading soon…) and one very strange problem. The journal is open access, issue published, but one article can not be accessed if you are not logged-in the OJS. Others work OK. The problematic article:

Any idea what can be wrong?

Regards, Primož


Hey @primozs

Aside from comparing the settings with that article and others that work, are there any server side error messages when you try to load it?



Hi @jnugent,

I am not sure what kind of settings do you mean. something to be checked in the UI or in DB?

Best regards, Primož


When I try to click on the link you originally posted, I am redirected to the issue TOC. That suggests that maybe a gallery is missing, or there is a difference between published article settings. When you click the link, have a shell window open and tail the Apache error log and see what happens.



Hi @jnugent,

Thank you for your help. I have checked the article settings, nothing found. I also don’t have access to the logs, so that doesn’t work unfortunately.

But I solved the problem with submitting the same article again (using quick submit plugin). Since the article DOI has to be the same I manually in the DB changed the DOI of original article to something totally strange and copied the correct DOI to the new article. After exporting the DOI once more to the CrossRef everything looks OK now.

Best regards, Primož