OMP3.4.0.5 Upgraded and ONIX Pluigin

Dear PKP Team

The platform was upgraded to OMP

ONIX Plugin on the export page shows the table with empty fields. Refer to example:

Upon proceeding to export a selected submission by selecting any checkbox, and selecting the export submission button on the ONIX Plugin - errors appear:

The process failed. Check below for errors/warnings.

Errors occured:

Generic Items

Validation errors:

Kindly advise on a course of action to correct.

Hi @tretief,

Are you sure you’re not using 3.4.0-x? That sounds like this issue:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher

You are correct, we are using

Appreciate the guidance - we will proceed to implement the patch.

Best, Trudie

Dear @asmecher

It worked - thanks. We noted that we had to select a published book, from the list of titles in the plugin to ensure the export was successful. If a book selected were not published, we continued to see the missing child element warnings.

Best, Trudie

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