OMP press Path setting problem when hosting only 1 press


Is it possible with OMP to set the base domain URL on which OMP is installed as the path to a single press hosted?

In Administration → Site Management → Hosted Presses you need to create a press to get going.

There is a mandatory field Path. Seemingly it cannot be set to a base domain URL even if you have only 1 press hosted.

So e.g. if you host your OMP install on a subdomain of your site:

This causes that the press-name is doubled in all URLs of the OMP (like e.g.

How can it be configured so that the Path setting in creating press would be just the base domain in case you have only 1 press (which is I presume rather common situation)?

Thank you for the advice.

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Hello Hanna,

Previously a user shared a way to do this for OJS, and I believe that the config would also work for OMP. It may be worth trying out if you are able. There is some additional discussion and another config provided in the thread beneath the linked post, as well.