[OMP 3.4] Volume page count

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I found this topic but no one answered : [OMP 3.1.2-1] Page count missing

4 years later and with OMP 3.4 version, I wonder the same question.
If I edit a publication format and go to the metadata I find fields for front matter and back matter page counts, but nothing for the global page count of the volume.

Is it possible to indicate such info anywhere ?

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Hi @hahussea5,

Thanks for your post - I see what you mean. I don’t think this ever got on our developers’ radar for OMP from what I can tell. What might be helpful is if you could start a new post in the “Feature Request” category and then articulate what you’d like to see implemented in the future, for our developers to consider.


PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis ,

It’s done there: Volume page count

Thanks a lot for your advice.

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