OMP 3.4 lifecycle

Hello world !!!
I’m installing a new OMP platform, and I must decide if will be better install 3.3.17 or 3.4.5. The question key here’s until when OMP 3.4 will be receving support?

Thank in advanced !!!

Hi @Adolfo,

You might want to check out this post here:

  • it explains how the PKP software releases work.

OMP 3.4 is not a long-term support release, so will not receive support for as long as the other LTS releases. Version 3.5, which is planned for release later this year (likely December, but not guaranteed), will be designated a LTS release, and it will be an improved version of 3.4, so you might want to consider upgrading to 3.5 when it releases, and you can be more reassured that it will receive longer term support.

PKP Team