OMP throwing 'Not Allowed' on Submissions->New Submission


I was in the process of manual installation of OMP latest version on PHP 8.0, MYSQL 5.7, Apache 2.4.

However, I get the error as shown in the screenshot :

You are not allowed to submit to this press because submissions to all sections of this press have been deactivated or restricted on going to Submissions->New Submission.

Is this a bug or a known issue?. Is there any workaround over the same?.

I have reported this earlier as well for here OMP throws Not allowed message after clicking on New Submission

Unfortunately this isn’t working since 3.4.x.x versions.

Kindly let me know regarding the same.

Hi @rckab7,

You may have checked this already, but by chance, do you have submissions disabled in your settings → Workflow - submissions - disable submissions?

PKP Team