OMP 3.3 DOI error

Hi all, I have a problem regarding the addressing of the DOI’s within the OMP (3.3.0-13). For example this DOI URL:

When I click on the DOI link, it shows me the following screen:


I checked the XML uploaded to Crossref, I have noticed that the link has the following path:

I attach screenshot coming from Crossref:


How much the correct path to the resource is this:

Why does Crossref or the OMP generate that different path in the XML?

I already tried to deposit the XML in Crossref manually but it does not apply the changes.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Isai_Campos

Are you still running into issues regarding the URL resource for this published submission ?
I had a look on CrossRef using the DOI and it seems showing the correct URL now. Please, see it: