oldGregg Child Theme

Edit 1: I am just wondering why does it display that way.
Edit 2: Nevermind, I just fixed it by replacing the return __(‘plugins.themes.OldGreggThemePlugin-child.name’); with return ‘oldGregg Child Theme’;

Good day!

I am trying to create a child theme with the oldGregg theme. The problem is that, under the “Plugins” section, the child theme shows up but with a format like this:
##plugins.themes.oldGreggChildThemePlugin-child.description## ".

This is the content of the oldGreggChildThemePlugin.inc file in the oldGregg-child folder.


class oldGreggChildThemePlugin extends ThemePlugin {
 * Initialize the theme's styles, scripts and hooks. This is only run for
 * the currently active theme.
 * @return null
public function init() {
	/**$this->addStyle('child-stylesheet','styles/index.less'); **/
	$this->addStyle('my-custom-style', 'styles/bootstrap.min.css');
	$this->modifyStyle('stylesheet', array('addLess' => array('styles/remove-borders.less')));


 * Get the display name of this plugin
 * @return string
function getDisplayName() {
	return __('plugins.themes.OldGreggThemePlugin-child.name');

 * Get the description of this plugin
 * @return string
function getDescription() {
	return __('plugins.themes.oldGreggChildThemePlugin-child.description');


Any help is much appreciated!

This is a message that is going to be translated from a theme’s locale xml file. You need just to add there something like:
<message key="plugins.themes.OldGreggThemePlugin-child.name">oldGregg Child Theme</message>