Old PDF files direct download as .txt files or without document names

We recently upgraded from OJS 3.1.1-4 to 3.2.1-1, but we’re not sure exactly when the problem began.

Direct download
When using the direct URL for downloading a document, old PDF files created with PDF 1.3 are downloading as .txt documents. These would be downloads listed in page metadata as “citation_pdf_url.” The .txt document begins like this:

167 0 obj <</Linearized 1/L 12398451/O 170/E 65690/N 28/T 12395063/H [ 916 670]>>
167 31

Download from PDF viewer
The same older files DO download as PDFs from the viewer, but without a name.

These are PDF documents that have worked successfully in OJS 2 and 3, going back about a decade. There are no PHP errors associate with the issue. We are not having any issues with documents created with PDF 1.4+.

Is OJS 3.2.x having trouble “reading” the metadata of these older PDF files.

Many thanks,

Richard Higgins
Indiana University Libraries

We found our problem in the way files had been uploaded, some years ago. Apologies for adding noise to the forum.