OJStat (formerly EasyStat) is ready

Hi, previously, I developed a simple application (StatCounter) for OJS. I have done massive changes to the app and I changed the name to OJStat because the other name, EasyStat, was the name of someone’s product out there.
If you want to give it a try, you can download it here. The instruction is in the zip file and the manual of use is in the dashboard. I hope this can be my contribution to all of us.
OJStat supports iframe embedding, tabular view, graphical view, visitor online, etc. It is tested in OJS 3.1x and 3.3x. It runs well.
Thank you for giving it a try.

Sample image:
ojstat chart
ojstat table

Last note: OJStat is designed only for journals hosted under same domain.


Hello @languaojs … It seems like a very good job!

I have just downloaded it and will give it a try in our test server to see how it goes.

One thing that striked me from the start… as a remote OJS administrator I would love to see the usage/installation instructions in a README text only file. Easier to check and faster to find via command line :wink:

I’ll provide more feedback after the tests

Best regards

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It is so much glad for me to know that someone is giving my work a try. Thank you very much. Next time I will put a readme text-only file instead of a PDF file. I would love to hear your feedback you. :grinning:

I tried OJStat. Its really good job. Everything working fine except session’s error. How to fix this error? Please check screenshot
Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 9.53.42 PM

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Please edit admin.php (in your OJStat folder) and cut these lines:


And paste the lines before <!DOCTYPE html>
If the error remains, try to place include('inc/cdns.php') after include('auth/sessions.php') and omit the closing tag ?>. If the page style does not apply, in the <head> create <?php include('inc/cdns.php');?> while remove the duplicate before <!DOCTYPE html>
Thank you. Let me know if it works.

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It works well. Thank you.

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Can you help me with which fix worked? And, if possible, a screenshot that the issue fixed will be helpful. Thank you.

OJStat Update:
Session Fix
Please open admin.php, cut all the PHP lines between <head> and </head> and paste them before <!DOCTYPE html>. The sequence of include should be as shown in the picture below. Thank you.
ojstat session fix

I placed include('inc/cdns.php') after include('auth/sessions.php') it works. Thanks you

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OJStat Update:
I was not aware that several functions do not work properly in OJStat, especially $con->close(). Please remove it from the files. In addition, include('auth/sessions.php') should not exist in journal.php and statistics.php. I am now fixing the errors and adding real-time Google Scholar citations, a form to edit journals, and more tables/charts.

OJStat Last Update:
I have fixed the bugs and now is ready to use. Thank you for your support.
Last OJStat


Just add a FlagCounter and Visitor Online widget to OJStat… what do you think?
ojstat flagcounter


Hi @languaojs,

after click on Setup button I received an error in error.log and cannot open the page - HTTP ERROR 500
The error is:
PHP Warning: assert(): assert(is_a($plugin, $classToCheck ?: ‘Plugin’)) failed in /home/journalname/public_html/lib/pkp/classes/plugins/PluginRegistry.inc.php on line 242

Where is the problem? OJS is, PHP 7.4. I did all process as presented in the video tutorial.


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I am afraid that you have installed the OJStat like OJS plugins in general. OJStat is not an OJS plugin but an independent app. It should be put in ojstat folder in your OJS root directory. The warning you show tells that you put it in plugins folder. Also, please refer to How to Install OJStat. Today, I just have released OJStat version 1.3 so the appearance may be slightly different from the pics in the article but the steps are identical: (1) create an empty database, (2) upload ojstat, (3) modify db.php file, and (4) start the setup.

Hi @languaojs,
I understand that very well and ojstat was in OJS root directory. I now upload the latest version, and it passed but after clicking on Setup, I receive a page with information without any button.
What is next? I do not have Fresh Installation Button and Refresh.

Scroll the page down. The buttons are at the bottom of the page. Can you show the rest of the page?

There is no option for scrolling.
On the right side you cannot scroll and at the bottom is nothing.

I believe that it is related to the device screen size. The first screenshot shows that version 1.3 is under the logo while it should be on the right side unless the device screen size is small (sm). The parts where the database table information is located (and the buttons) are all on the same page within col-md-3 and col-lg-3 bootstrap classes. You can see the index.php in the setup folder. If it is possible, please try using another screen size. Also, if possible, send me your ojstat link by message so I can check it. Thank you.


hi all, why my ojstat cannot see public? i must login to see all link

thank you

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why must login to see all setup result?

how to show it to public without login?