OJS3 Section Editor acting also as Reviewer

Our section editors sometimes want to contact reviewers outside the system. Therefore they
assign the manuscript to themselves (having the roles section editor and reviewer
to be able to choose themselves as reviewer). They contact the reviewer and
after having received the comments, the review and a recommendation, they go into the system and act like the reviewer, meaning uploading the file and adding the comments in the reviewing discussion. Then they inform the author about the necessary changes. After the author has uploaded a revised file, the section editor again logs into the system – and always remains on the end of review

Is it a bug - or do the section editors need to act in another way?
Thank you

Hi @sabrinaeck,

We have many journals who want to permit their editors/section editors to also act as bona fide reviewers on certain submissions, so we’ll be further extending OJS to prevent assigned reviewers (whoever they may be) from accessing other parts of the workflow. So your workaround isn’t likely to be a good long-term one – OJS may try to prevent this even more in the future. Off the top of my head, I believe it’s possible for the Section Editor to enter the results of a review without having to log into the reviewer interface; have you tried that?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you @asmecher for your thoughts - but …

our problem is, that the Section Editor should be able to add results of an externally organized reviewing to the reviewing stage in OJS. But without assigning anybody as reviewer within the system, this stage is not availabe and there are no fuctionalities to upload files or enter comments … ?


Hi @asmecher,

Currently you’d need to create an account for that reviewer as though they were going to perform the review themselves, then use the Section Editor account to fill in the review on their behalf.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Is there any way to fix this if a section editor assigned himself as reviewer? He is no longer able to access the submission to continue with the review process as editor.
I am the journal manager but I have been unable to fix it.

Hi @pvrcr Christa,

You as editor can go to the review stage where you can’t go further. Then go to the URL on top of this stage and replace the string “reviewer” by “workflow” - then you should be able to work on the submission.

Fantastic, it worked. Thanks!

Hi all,

For everyone interested in improving OJS’s behavior when a user is assigned as both editor and reviewer, or both editor and author – we could use your help with some quick testing!

The very talented @NateWr has posted his proposal for these changes at issue 3130 – if you’re handy with git and can confirm whether this meets your expectations, we would very much appreciate your feedback. We’re trying to release OJS 3.1.1 with this change included in the very near future.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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