OJS3: register page is not displaying properly (even in demo journal)

After spending some time in testing OJS3 I unexpectedly discovered that register page is not displaying properly.
You can see this problem also in yours demo journal. It seems that CSS isn`t properly rendered…

So is there a possibility to manage this problem?

I have managed this problem by simply changing OJS theme. To another and then to the same that was before.Don`t know what cause it.
In OJS3 demo problem is still persist: http://journals.sfu.ca/present3/index.php/index/user/register

It seems to be OK in my case (default theme):

It’s strange but the problem persists. Today after publishing new article and clearing data caches (for testing statistic plugin) the registration page had broken once more. And once more it disappeared after switching themes. Don`t think it is bootstrap problem, because I had similar problems with default. I think the problem is somehow associated with publishing new submissions in “back” issue.

As can been seen from screen from demo its exactly the problem I have encountered.

BTW, I’ve found that the default theme is not ‘compatible’ with Bootstrap themes. If I make some changes in the default theme in some journal, then all the other journals with Bootstrap themes become ‘crippled’. And vice versa…

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Hi @Vitaliy and @Ph_We,

From your description, it sounds like you might be getting hit with a race condition that can cause problems when clearing templates/CSS caches. I noticed something similar but was unable to track down the exact nature of the problem.

I believe what is happening is this: when a new theme is selected or theme options are saved, the platform initiates a task to delete all of the cached templates. But if you load a new page before this process is completed, you’ll end up with only partially removed cache, which leads to things like this where there appears to be no CSS file loaded.

In my experience, I found that just waiting a few seconds after saving the theme changes before loading the site helped. But you may need to wait a bit longer depending on the speed of your server.

I acknowledge this is not ideal, but it should offer a temporary workaround until we can track down what’s really going on and put a better fix in place.