OJS3 - provlem with change size logo in header

I want to modify height logo in header.
I have default theme and I see max-height 80px in two files.

But when I change this parameter to 100px - not save to any changes.
What I’m doing wrong?

Hi @karwas,

You may need to clear the cached CSS file under the /cache directory.

You might actually find it easier to upload a custom CSS file with this change from the Settings > Appearance page, if it’s the only change you want to make. That way future updates won’t override your changes.

Alternatively, if you plan on doing more CSS customizations, check out the thread on making use of a custom Child Theme.

It`s ok :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I cleaned Data Caches and Template Cache in Administrative Functions without result.
Clear the cached CSS file in /cache directory - worked!

Best regards