OJS3: Multilingual TinyMCE Fields may be Confusing


When some large multilingual field is above another large field and the user clicks on it, it overlaps the field below. Since their color is the same, the user may click on the first part of the second field to enter a value for the second language of the first field (see the screenshot below).

It may sound weird, but even quite experienced users with programming skills seem to be confused in such cases, which may result in mistakes in data entry.

Some users report that when they click on the second field, the first one does not go away. So the ‘ideal’ behavior in such cases would be to “slide down” the other part of the form when some field expands.

Thanks @Ph_We. I don’t see this as a significant problem (we don’t have lots of large tinymce fields in many places), and it’s just going to be the downside of our approach to multilingual fields, which is about as good as I can imagine for such a clumsy process. I’m comfortable living with this one and focusing our development time on bigger UX wins.

Hi @NateWr,
I understand. But the solution might be relatively simple (IMHO): like changing the color of active field. So it wouldn’t be confused with any other. No?