OJS3 How to modify reviewerFormFooter.tpl

I would like to modify the template ojs/lib/pkp/templates/manager/reviewForms/reviewFormForm.tpl
which is not a top level template, but which is only included in some templates.

I’d like to remove the bloc editor.submissionReview.reviewType
{fbvFormSection list=true title=“editor.submissionReview.reviewType”}
I would prefer use plugin method, but this seems to be difficult : I thought use a hook on TemplateManager::display and replace template but I have to registry many hooks and write my own top level template… but maybe I’m wrong ?

I think I can use CSS to make this item display:none but I’d prefer totally hide it.

Maybe I can replace this template with my own template with a plugin ?

Can you give me the right method to do this ?

Thank you in advance

Hi @kara28,

What version of OJS 3.x are you using? (Please include this information with your posts.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


We use 3.0.2.


Hi @kara28,

A theme plugin should be able to override that template. The theming guide explains the template hierarchy:


It specifically talks about overriding the frontend templates, but the same goes for backend templates.

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thank you, I will have a try