Ojs3 header text

hi, i’m new to ojs3 i’m using bootstrap theme i have 2 major issues:

1- i want to put some text in header “not above the header as custom tag do”
2- i want to change the logo position to be vertically centered as it’s a bit lower

thank you

any help guys? post is there since a lot

You can create a child theme and customize header template: https://pkp.gitbook.io/pkp-theming-guide/en/child-themes

yes i saw that while ago but it’s a bit hard for me as i’m beginner is there any direct way like editing header.tpl?

All changes in the OJS core files will be lost during the upgrade

yes i know, however i prefer it, is there any way?

i guss this can be done also using css file , but i don’t know how

CSS can be uploaded through appearance menu in the website settings.

Add a content by the CSS with the pseudo element: CSS Pseudo-elements

what element to use? could you please give me example?

ok, i did most oif it … but now i want to know how to add text on the header above the navbar using css, any help?

h1:after {
  content: "some content here";    

thank you, the only way worked with me is adding image like that in css
.navbar {
background-image: url(“image url here”);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position:center top;

adding text using “h1:after” didn’t work however

thanks for help

You need to change h1 to your element that you want to place the text under.

but where can i get the element name which i need?, is there documentation or something for that?