[OJS3] Empty Email When New Announcement Posted


We are currently using OJS3 and have an ongoing problem that when we add a new announcement a completely blank email is sent out. The journal editors would like this to stop happening. I think we might be missing an email template (I cannot see any email templates under Workflow > Emails containing ‘announcement’) but don’t know what the default email template content or name is for this action.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

There seem to be several posts about issues with Announcements in OJS, but none seem to have exactly the same symptoms that we’re seeing with one of our journals. We’re using OJS

  1. Announcement is created by a journal and sent to all users.
  2. Announcement appears on the Announcement page on the public site.
  3. Users all receive a blank email message.

The editors have tried sending both with and without an image in the text. No luck. In each case, the users receive a blank email message.

As recommended in another thread, I have checked to see if we have the [Notification_Maillist] template listed in the UI (Settings > Workflow > Email > Email Templates). It is there and I can edit it (though I didn’t). I haven’t yet alerted our sysadmin because I want to make sure that we haven’t missed anything that I can fix in the UI.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Hi @asasasasas

Have you considered restoring the default set of templates? There is a link to do that in the workflow section.


Yes, but the journal has made changes to some of their templates, so we need to identify and save those, first. It happened on another journal yesterday, so I suspect that the problem is something more systemic, rather than journal-specific.


If you’re missing the ANNOUNCEMENT template, you can add it. If you have that template key, but the body is empty when you edit it, you can just add it back. You haven’t mentioned what version of OJS you’re using, but the template body can be fetched out of the PO file for the email templates: