OJS3: Datacite and DOI Plugin

Hi all,
I have some issues with configuring the Datacite and DOI Plugins.

Here are my questions:
Help is appreciated, even if you can’t answer all of them.

  1. When I try to manually export an Article using the Datacite Plugin no Articles are shown (0 Entries). However the native XML Plugin shows all of my Articles in that Journal correctly. Why could this be?
  2. What are the correct Credentials for the Datacite Plugin? Username and Password of the Organization or of the Repository? (I am using the Test-Checkbox as well. so I use the credentials given in the Test-Fabrica, right?)
  3. How should I configure my cronjob for this and do I need one?
    My understanding says its something like
    * * * * *php /var/www/journals/tools/runScheduledTasks.php /var/www/journals/plugins/importexport/datacite/scheduledTasks.xml for a minutely cronjob.
    Does the DOI Plugin also have such a xml? I didn’t found one.
  4. Sould the logs of my cronjob/the doi registration be printed to my apache error log? Or where should they go? Becuase I cant find any DOI related entries in there.

Best regards,
Nemo Grippa