OJS3.3 NativeImportExportPlugin no submission imported

Hello all !
I’m trying to import issues from OJS, to another OJS of the same version, using the NativeImportExportPlugin and the CLI. The import command do not report any error or problem, however, when I open the publication on the OJS backend, the ‘review’ tab is empty and all the participants are missing (also in other tabs; ex.: the editor).

Before launching the import, I made sure that all participating users were present, also importing them from the source OJS3.

Checking the XML made by the export, inside the ‘article’ tags, I’ve noticed the presence of many ‘submission_file’ tags which also contains the review files for the ‘Review’ tab.

Comparing the databases, I realised that the row (related to the publication) of the ‘submissions’ table is also missing.

Can anyone help me understand what’s happening?

Thank you very much