[OJS3.3] Editors instead of authors for an article

Hello together,

is it possible to make a new user role “Editor”, which could be assigned to an article similar to an author (“editor as author”)? And is it possible to have " (Ed.)" in the “How to cite” section of the article detail page after the name of the editor of the article?

Templeton, R. (Ed.) […] (2009). The destructive work habits of slobs […] Mindfree University Press.

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Hi @twa,

If I understand correctly what you actually what to achieve is that besides the name there is also Ed. If so you can try to use the field Preferred Public Name and specify so, e.g. Ed. Tobias Wantzen.

Regards, Primož

@primozs Thanks for your suggestion. But this would be a workaround which uses a name field for role information. This is not, what we want to do (regarding all scientific databases, which harvest the meta data fields).

I’m asking, if it is (directly) possible with OJS as a feature?


I have the same issue: One of our next articles will have be historical document which has an author and has been edited and annotated by two editors. I would very much like to make these roles explicit.