OJS3.3.0-13 and OAI validator.oaipmh.com/#listidentifiers: request time too much time

Good morning,

after updating to version OJS 3.3.0-13c successfully we have found that when we validate our site with validator.oaipmh.com returns everything OK except the section “ListIdentifiers” that always returns “Request time too much 14.657”.

I have tried to change the parameter oai_max_records from 50 to 30, then to 20 and 10 but it always returns the same error.

To test it: in the URL https://validator.oaipmh.com/ enter https://publicaciones.unirioja.es/ojs/index.php/index/oai
Now oai_max_records is set to 10.

What could be going on?
Is there anything else in our site setup that I can tune?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @lacris!

I’ve created an issue to address this here:

Meanwhile, could you please open the file lib/pkp/classes/oai/OAIStruct.inc.php and update temporarily the value at var $maxIdentifiers = 500; to something lower? Then let us know if it solves your problem.


@lacris, one more thing…

If you’re using MySQL, could you please show us the output for the following query? You’ll just need to replace the NAME_OF_YOUR_DATABASE.

SELECT s.table_name, t.engine, t.table_rows, s.non_unique, s.index_name, s.seq_in_index, s.column_name
FROM information_schema.tables t
INNER JOIN information_schema.statistics s USING (table_schema, table_name)
WHERE s.table_schema = 'NAME_OF_YOUR_DATABASE'
ORDER BY 1, 5, 6


Hi @lacris,

Do you have any updates about this issue? Can you try to run the query at the previous message?

Jonas Raoni

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