[OJS3.1] Journal editor PROBLEM

Hi everyone!
I’m assigning roles in my magazine and I noticed that by assigning the role of “Journal editor” in the left column, the sections “setting”,“users & roles” and "tools"appear.
This is a problem because they shouldn’t see themselves for a role that is only editorial. Is there a way or setting to not show them?

Thanks for support!


Hi @Tiziano,

That’s currently by design. The OJS 2.x role system separated Journal Managers (people who work with setup etc.) from Journal Editors (people who work with content) and we received a lot of feedback about that division being an arbitrary impediment as generally the users are the same.

If you have guest editors etc., consider using the Section Editor role for those accounts.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher, thanks for the help, We will study the new method of roles.