[OJS3.1.1-1] Disabling usage statistics in one journal gets disabled in all journals

I am very thankful to PKP team for providing such a wonderful support for OJS and OMP. Yesterday I upgraded to the latest release of OJS3.1.1-1 and noticed that If usage statistics get disabled in one journal it automatically gets disabled in all journals (multi-journal install). I am not able to disable this function for any individual journal.
I also noticed that this behavior has existed in my previous ojs3.1.0 install as well.

Hi @aabahishti

Yes, this is so – this plugin is so called site-wide plugin and if enabled it is enabled for all journals. There only journal specific configurations are the graph display settings.


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Hi! @bozana
Thanks for the clarification. I really appreciate your efforts and all other developers involving in the PKP application.