OJS2 - How do visitors/readers pay the membership fee?

Maybe a dumb question but I couldn’t figure out the way for visitors/readers to pay for a membership fee using a credit card. The PayPal plugin and our PayPal account works without any problem. The membership fee description is displayed on the site but there is no link provided for visitors/readers to pay the fee. Thanks!

Any guidance will be appreciated.
We can also hard-code it if it is not available by default.

I’m not sure which version you are using (OJS 2 has multiple versions). Instructions for configuring PayPal can be found about halfway down the page in the wiki. The only coding it looks like you might need is to change “donation” to however you want to list it (“subscription,” “reader fee,” etc).


Hello @rdkettering,

Thank you for your reply. I am using OJS 2.4.2. I have configured PayPal correctly and it works everywhere else (subscriptions, donations, etc) but there is no link created to pay the membership fee anywhere in the journal. Is there a separate module in which this payment link appears?

Gi @r2d2,

Each user should now see a ‘Buy Individual Membership’ link under My Profile in their User Home that will allow them to complete payment. It may be worthwhile editing the payment description text to direct users to that page. Users that complete payment and have a valid membership will be granted access to subscription content (if you publish using a subscription model).


Hello @mfelczak,

Thanks for your reply. There is no such link on the My Profile page for membership payment. I have also checked the underlying page code (/templates/user/profile.tpl) but no such link is created.

Hi @r2d2,

The link should actually be displayed on the User Home page, under the section My Account (screenshot below).


Thanks for the correct direction, @mfelczak!

The link under the USER block was not still visible in my case, but I enabled it by removing && $membershipEnabled from the following line in /plugins/blocks/user/block.tpl

{if $journalPaymentsEnabled && $membershipEnabled}

I am not sure why the link does not show up even when the membership info is entered and the fee checkbox is checked by the journal manager. A bug?

Answering myself: The membership link is not visible when you login as Journal Manager or Site Administrator.


Question: How do we make “Become Member” link under the USER block visible (for regular users) all the time whenever the user is logged in. Currently, the user needs to click User Home to see the link. Thanks!

Hi @r2d2,

You would need to modify the block.tpl template in plugins/blocks/user and add smarty code to display a link similar to what’s currently displayed on the User Home page.