[OJS2.4.8/OJS3] Active Submissions - status missing

This might be similar to Automated author notification when the status is changing but hopefully still indipendent.
As far as I see there are only three status for the Active Submissions (according to: https://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/docs/userguide/2.3.1/authorUserHome.html). But I am wondering whether there is one status missing in between “Awaiting Assignment” and “Queued for Review” which would/could be “(Editor) Assigned”: Which is for the period between editor assignment and before a reviewer has been asked.

I learned that the authors like to have more detailed information about the status of their article. Is there any plan to add further details for the Active Submissions-status?

As we moved to a more flexible workflow structure in OJS 3, we lost a little bit of the ability to determine precisely where a submission sits in the process. We’re aware of this issue and exploring ways to to provide better status feedback. This would only go into work for OJS 3.x. You can see some of the discussions so far in this github issue:


Thanks for the feedback @NateWr so I know it’s being thought of and will be considered.