OJS2.4.8.1 - CSS error, blank page

My journal error after upload CSS,this URL : At-Turats ,how i can back to CSS default or no css or remove CSS uplaoded,my journal use OJS version, i try to copy css, and than upload CSS,but not work,please any body help me to recover or back to css before upload…the journal name is Atturats,

Hi @imronmuttaqin

It seems that your uploaded CSS has a parameter that is hiding all content. Checking it on Developer Inspect tool I’ve found that your body element has a display:none; parameter:value.

I suggest edit your Stylesheet, remove it and upload it again.


Thanks Israel,but i can’t open journal manager, how i can open my journal manager? becaouse i can’t see all function (white blank) only on my desktop. if i can open journal manager, i will remove stylesheet,please give me way to remove stylesheet and back to default…thanks you Israel

Hi @imronmuttaqin

If you have access to filesystem you can remove any custom CSS from path:


HI,Israel cefrin
our journal website host 6 journal,1 journal error,is that way not cause other journal error ? thanks Israel,
Your Sincerely

this journal use OJS version, 6 hosted journal, i can’t find path: public/site/sitestyle.css…i looking for public/site/sitestyle.css but i can’t find ,i try to find from path: public_html/public/site ,but there no sitestyle.css, picture with extention png only,

In OJS2.4.x version usually custom CSS path is:



after deleting the custom css

try to clear/delete files inside folder cache (ojs installation) , inside folder cache there are also subfolder t_compile, clear/delete files inside subfolder t_compile

note: just delete the files not the folder or the subfolder

after that, clear cache on your browser

refresh your browser

Ok…thanks you Israel,
my journal work now…thanks you

thank you :muscle::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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